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Six PRP treatments spaced four weeks apart.

Botox is not just for women anymore. 

According to a recent study in the journal Cosmetic Dermatology, the number of American men getting Botox injections—which relax the facial muscles to minimize lines and wrinkles—has skyrocketed 258 percent over the past decade or so.

​At Chesapeake Skin Solutions, we have also noticed male patients are much more open and proactive about their appearance-related concerns now. “Brotox” is exploding as men turn to cosmetic procedures to help them face off with young competition especially when hunting for a new job. At Chesapeake Skin Solutions we want to help our patients match their outside appearance with they way they feel inside. Click here to read more about Botox treatments.

PRP for Hair Loss

At Chesapeake Skin Solutions we are seeing some really exciting treatment responses and are looking forward to sharing our experience with you. PRP Therapy works best on men with thinning hair (androgenic alopecia or male battern baldness). Treatments are offered in our Medspa inside Jordan Thomas Salon and Spa in Bel Air, MD. Click here to read more about PRP Therapy for thinning hair or hair loss. 

Millions of men are discovering the benefits of laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal can remove unwanted hair on practically any area and will leave your skin smooth and looking great. Benefits of laser hair removal:

  • Eliminate Ingrown Hairs — Many men have to deal with “razor bumps” (pseudofollifulitis barbae) because of hairs that grow back into the skin as they grow out, causing an uncomfortable red itchy rash that can even be painful.  Laser hair removal with our LightSheer® Diode XC Laser System is FDA approved to treat this condition by disabling the hair follicles’ ability to grow. 
  • Look Great Laser hair removal can help you be free to enjoy smooth skin all the time. No more uncomfortable in between and grow-in stages. If you suffer from follicles that still look dark even when your skin is freshly shaved, laser can help to fade them.
  • Save Money Laser hair removal may seem expensive, but over time you will really be saving dollars. In the long run, laser hair removal costs less than continued waxing, electrolysis and other hair removal methods. Additionally, many of our patients are surprised by how affordable laser hair removal at Chesapeake Skin Solutions really is. We offer competitive pricing and offer both package and multi-package discounts. 
  • Save Time Free up your time with laser hair removal. Eliminate the daily or monthly hair removal routine with waxing or other methods.